How To Solve The Lemark District Clock Puzzle

Remnant 2 is a game filled with challenging puzzles, often providing minimal hints for their solutions. However, the game ensures that if you invest time to solve these puzzles, it will be worth your time. Depending on the puzzle, the rewards typically range from crafting materials for special weapons or mods to unique rings or amulets.



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The Clock Puzzle located in The Lemark District is no different from the other puzzles. You come across a clock in a small workshop and find yourself unsure of the next steps to take. Fear not. Just follow these steps.

How To Solve The Lemark District Clock Puzzle

As you explore Losomn, you’ll come across the Lemark District. This area houses a small workshop filled with clocks.

Inside, you’ll see that you can interact with one of the clocks hanging on the wall​​​​​.

Clock that you can interact with in Lemark District Remnant 2

To proceed, input the correct time by adjusting two arrows, although the required time isn’t initially clear.

The required time can be found in a different location outside the workshop, typically in Morrow Parish, Brocwythe Quarter, or Forsaken Quarter. When you’re at one of these places, you’ll notice a tall clock tower known as Hewdas Clock. Check and remember the time displayed on this clock tower.

Hewdas Clock Remnant 2

Use a scoped weapon for easy time-checking, or aim from a distance if you don’t have one.

Now that you’ve memorized the time, return to the Lemark District. Insert the same time you checked from the clock tower into the clock hanging on the wall.

If done correctly, the clock will emit a bird-like sound, and a gear piece will fall from it; the Clockwork Pinion.

Clockwork Pinion Remnant 2-1

Your next step is to head back to the Hewdas Clock’s location and proceed to the top.

You need to locate the entrance at the bottom of the clock tower and use the ladders to climb your way up.

Hewdas Clock Remnant 2

Be cautious, as the nearby Stone Gargoyles are actually disguised Winged Fae. They might try to push you off the tower.

When you reach the top, interact with the lever next to a chest to activate the Hewdas Clock. Then, insert the Clockwork Pinion into the gears and use the nearby lever to restart the Hewdas Clock.

Hewdas Clock missing gear place Remnant 2

This will cause a purple item, the Broken Timepiece, to be released from the clock.

Completing the Clock Tower and getting the Broken Timepiece Remnant 2

With this item, return to McCabe to craft the Time Lapse weapon Mod using the Broken Timepiece, 5 Lumenite Crystals, and 500 scrap.

Time Lapse Mod creates a six-meter freeze blast for seven seconds on standard enemies. However, damaging frozen enemies cancels freeze and applies SLOW for the remaining duration.

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