PS5 Game Cloud Streaming in Public Testing Right Now with PS Plus Premium Members

Image: Push Square

A little while ago, Sony announced its plan to implement cloud streaming for PS5 games. While no timeframe was provided, it looks as though we’re getting close to launch. Sony has been contacting select users — PS Plus Premium members specifically — inviting them to test out PS5 game streaming. Time to check your emails!

Once you have access to the test, you’ll be able to stream PS5 games featured in the PS Plus game catalogue as well as supported titles you already own. It appears you will be able to choose a streaming resolution of up to 4K, depending on how speedy your internet connection is.

There’s no word on when PS5 streaming will launch for all PS Plus Premium members, but again, the fact it’s being publicly tested suggests it’s not much further away. This functionality will be part of Sony’s «aggressive plans» in the cloud gaming space.

Do you have access to this PS5 streaming test? Are you interested in playing PS5 games via the cloud? Float into the comments section below.

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