What Are Shiny Rocks in Anime Fighting Simulator X & How Do You Use Them?

Ever stumbled upon a Shiny Rock in Anime Fighting Simulator X and thought, “What’s this sparkly beauty all about?” I know I did. These aren’t just your ordinary pebbles; they’re game-changers. Literally! Shiny Rocks are the secret sauce to power up your Champions in ways you’ve never imagined. Ready to unravel their mystery?

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Anime Fighting Simulator X Shiny Rocks Guide

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent countless hours training and battling in Anime Fighting Simulator X. And, just when I thought I had seen it all, boom, Shiny Rocks entered the scene! In the vast world of AFSX, these Shiny Rocks are like the golden tickets that can turn your Champion into a superstar. We’re talking major stat boosts and enhanced Special Abilities—if your Champion has one, that is.

How to Get & Find Shiny Rocks in Anime Fighting Simulator X

You can get Shiny Rocks in Anime Fighting Simulator X by completing specific quests, taking down those big, bad Overworld Bosses, or by defeating the infamous Pain Boss chilling at the spawn area. Moral of the story? Keep those eyes peeled and those Champions ready because Shiny Rocks are waiting!

Shiny Rocks Boss Drop Chance

There’s a chance you can get Shiny Rocks from all bosses, however, the percentage is very low. Here are the percentage changes for fighting each boss in ASFX:

  • Arlongo—3% Shiny Rock chance.
  • Hand Demon—5% Shiny Rock chance.
  • Armored Titan—7% Shiny Rock chance.
  • Shukaku—8% Shiny Rock chance.
  • Friezy—10% Shiny Rock chance.
  • Pain—10% Shiny Rock chance.
  • Monkey—12% Shiny Rock chance.

How to Use Shiny Rocks in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Now, once you’ve hoarded— I mean, collected— 10 Shiny Rocks, it’s evolution time. Head to the Shiny Lab, and you’ll find this cool contraption called the Shiny Machine. It’s where the magic happens.

When you walk into the blue light in the Shiny Lab, a window will appear, on the right the amount of Shiny Rocks you have, and on the left, a place for you to select the champion you want to upgrade. So just pop your chosen Champion in there, feed it the Shiny Rocks, and watch the glow-up unfold!

Where to Find the Shiny Lab and Shiny Machine in AFSX?

To find the Shiny Lab and the Shiny Machine in AFSX, face the pink-leafed tree and follow the road to find the Shiny Lab. If you’re flying, go past the first green billboard, and head toward the second green billboard. Just to the left of that is the Shiny Lab. If you see Bulma, you’re in the right place. The image below may help you!

An image showing the location of the Shiny Lab in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Why Can’t I Upgrade Certain Champions in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Alright, slight bummer alert. So, I tried upgrading my Robux-purchased Champion, thinking it’d be an instant win, but no dice. Turns out, Champions bought with Robux can’t be turned Shiny. Stick with the Champions you’ve sweat and battled for; those are your real contenders for the Shiny upgrade.

ASFX Conclusion

Navigating the world of Anime Fighting Simulator X is an adventure, with each discovery more exciting than the last. Those elusive Shiny Rocks? They’re the game-changers, quite literally. So whether you’re questing, boss-battling, or just plotting your next move, keep those Shiny Rocks in mind. Because in the grand arena of AFSX, it’s all about that shine.

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