What Do Grace’s Traits Impact In Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

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Though there are plenty of things that inform the experience you have when playing Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, the nature you assign to Grace at the beginning of the game is a big one. Whether she’s friendly and Charming, bold and Kickass, or smart and Clever, Grace’s traits help you get through the game.



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In this guide, we’ll break down all three of Grace’s natures, and explain the pros and cons of choosing each. There’s no right answer for how you should play Grace in Stray Gods, but if you’d like some help weighing your options, read on ahead.

We avoid them as best we can, but this guide contains slight spoilers for Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical.

What Does Grace’s Nature Impact?

When you first meet Calliope during the game’s opening, you’ll perform a song with her, being given your first trait for Grace during the game’s first song.

You’re given the choice between making Grace more Charming, Kickass, or Clever, each with its own color and symbol associated.

Throughout the game, you’ll speak to several characters, and there are some responses limited to certain natures, rendering you only able to select them if you have that trait.

For example, in tense situations, a Kickass Grace can say something imposing or make it clear she’s not to be messed with, while Clever or Charming Grace will need to choose one of the other three options presented.

Certain outcomes in the game are easier to achieve with certain natures, as each trait offers something of its own to lend to Grace’s investigation.

Songs are not limited the same way, though. If you’ve chosen a Charming Grace to start the game, you’re not locked into only choosing green answers in songs – that’s up to you!

There are achievements/trophies for finishing a full run of the game with a specific nature, meaning you’ll need to play multiple times to receive all three.

That said, each playthrough offers something different, like the chance to make different choices or side with different characters than before.

grace sensing calliope isn't there to audition clever grace stray gods the roleplaying musical

You Choose A Second Trait Before Act Three

You’ll spend the entirety of Act One and Act Two limited only to your original trait choice, but just before you go to trial in the third act, Grace gets a second trait.

Here, you can choose either of the remaining traits that you didn’t choose at the start of the game. Doing so allows you more dialogue options during your trial.

This trait is not reflected when you get your end-game achievements, though – those are only given for your original trait.

Should You Make Grace Charming, Kickass, Or Clever?

limited dialogue options for grace with her traits stray gods the roleplaying musical nature

In our table below, we outline all three of Grace’s traits in Stray Gods, and break down each a bit more thoroughly to help you decide the right nature for you.

Grace’s Traits And What They Impact



Color and Symbol



This is Grace with soul and charisma! She tries to do the right thing, and everyone likes her more for it.

Green Star

Charming answers focus on showing understanding toward the plights of the other characters, with an emphasis on Grace finding peace and forgiveness for herself and others

Charming Grace seems to have an easier time winning over the softer characters in the game


In your face! This Grace is very punk rock, and not afraid to get reckless and aggressive when it’s called for.

Red Rock-On Fist

Kickass answers show less fear and more directness when used in dialogue, and will occasionally lead Grace into actual fights, verbal or physical, with lasting consequences

Some of the harsher characters respond best to the bluntness and fire of Kickass Grace


Sometimes you need to think your way out of a problem, right? This Grace is sneakier, smarter, and witty.

Blue Lightbulb

Clever answers might unravel some of the mysteries of Stray Gods without assistance, with Grace occasionally able to intuit what’s happening through context alone

There are witty characters that gel with Clever Grace’s equally smart responses

The true answer to the question of which nature you should pick is, there’s not just one type of gameplay, so there’s also not just one answer.

In a game with so much replay value, with certain options limited to certain natures, you’ll uncover the whole of the game by replaying and choosing different natures and decisions each time regardless of which nature you begin with.

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