Most PlayStation Fans Dead Against Buying Red Dead Redemption PS4 Port at Launch

To say that the Red Dead Redemption PS4 announcement hasn’t gone down well would be an understatement at this point. Announced earlier in the week following months of rumours and speculation regarding either a full-on remake or a more-than-welcome remaster, the reveal of a no-frills port has been torn apart by fans. Priced at $50, it’s no real surprise to see people giving Rockstar grief — especially after the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy fiasco.

In order to get a better read on the situation, we published a poll a couple of days ago, asking readers if they plan on buying Red Dead Redemption on PS4. The results of that poll are now in, and it’s a bit of a bloodbath.

Over 4,400 of you voted, with a whopping 50% saying there’s simply «no chance» of a purchase. A further 14% said buying the port would be «unlikely», while a decent 21% said they’d maybe snap it up on sale down the line.

Just 4% stated they’d be there day one, while 5% said they’d probably buy it at some point. The last 6% went with «Perhaps, but only if it gets big updates post-release».

Red Dead Redemption PS4 Poll Results
Image: Push Square

Now, obviously, those of you who frequent Push Square likely trend towards the more hardcore side of PlayStation — meaning that Red Dead Redemption is probably going to sell especially well based on brand power alone.

But still, it’s clear that more discerning fans are incredibly disappointed in what seems to be a barebones port of a beloved game.

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