What To Do In The Githyanki Creche Infirmary In Baldur’s Gate 3

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One of the main problems you and your heroes face in Baldur’s Gate 3 is being infected by a Mind Flayer Parasite. You will come across many different quests that are all in an attempt to cure you of your disease. One of the first quests that leads to this is Lae’zel’s attempt to find the nearest Githyanki Creche.



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The Githyanki Creche can be found through the Mountain Pass. Upon reaching the Rosymorn Monastery, you can find a Githyanki in the infirmary who is actively studying Mind Flayer parasites. Some of these quests in search of a cure end terribly, so it’s wise to tread carefully when trusting someone to prod your brain.

Should You Tell Ghustil That You Are Infected?

When you first discuss the effects of the parasite with Ghustil, you are able to either admit you are infected or pretend that you know a friend who is. If you pretend, there is no other way to proceed other than to tell her it is you.

She will not get angry with you if you admit that you are infected. She will agree to cure you by using a nautilus device called the Zaith’isk. When you approach the strange chair, Lae’zel insists on using it first.

Should You Let Lae’zel Enter The Zaith’isk First?

Baldur's Gate 3: Ghustil and Lae'zel

Lae’zel will decrease in Approval if you do not let her use the Zaith’isk first. She will gain Approval if you do. If you do not let her go first, she will be angry with you because all she has wanted since she met you was to be cured by her people.

It does not matter who goes into the Zaith’isk first. Whoever uses it will start to die. Your Dream Visitor or Guardian will speak to you and warn you to stop at once.

You will have to pass Saving Throw skill checks in order to resist the machine or convince Lae’zel to stop.

It is okay, even if you fail each skill check. The Dream Visitor will stop you or Lae’zel from dying by removing you from the device. Ghustil becomes upset because her machine is broken, and she still wants your parasite extracted.

Baldur's Gate 3 Lae'zel inside zaith'isk

You can either convince Ghustil that the Zaith’isk worked or argue with her. If you cannot convince her that the machine worked, she will run out of the room and lock the door behind her. You can lockpick the door.

Doing this scene with Ghustil before speaking with the Inquisitor will allow you the opportunity to persuade Lae’zel from aggression later on.

The entire infirmary will fight you if you do not convince Ghustil. You will have to kill her and some young Githyanki. The rest of the Creche will not become hostile after, so you are still free to walk around after this fight.

Lae’zel will demand you speak to the captain about how the Zaith’isk was tampered with. Despite her insistence, you cannot actually discuss this matter with Kith’rak.

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