Baldur's Gate 3 – How To Romance Mizora

Romances in Baldur’s Gate 3 range from those that are truly heartfelt to some that border on just plain weird. However, there’s one where you have to give in to the temptations, assuming you want to experience a taste of a hellish paradise. Our Baldur’s Gate 3 Mizora romance guide discusses how you can have a night with this cambion (i.e. sort of like a succubus that, much like a devil, forges pacts). Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How to Romance Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3

For the Baldur’s Gate 3 Mizora romance, we made sure that both Mizora and Wyll remained alive throughout our playthrough. That’s because the option for the love scene only appears during Act 3.

Moreover, since Mizora isn’t a companion, having a sinful tryst with her would not affect your standing with any lover you may have at the time. It’s somewhat akin to the Halsin romance in that they’re both okay with «sharing» your character. Lastly, bear in mind that going through with the appropriate responses will lead to Wyll’s disapproval. Mizora is his tormentor, and has him pact-bound, after all.

How to Start the Mizora Romance

Here’s a quick summary of the decisions we made during our playthrough:

  • Act 1: In the Druid Grove, we saved the Tiefling refugees. If you slaughter the good folks, Wyll ends up leaving your party forever.
  • Act 2: Upon reaching Moonrise Towers, we agreed to help Mizora find Zariel’s Asset. It turns out that she is the asset, and she’s just sending a projection so you can help her. You’ll find Mizora trapped in a pod in the Mind Flayer Colony as you’re chasing after Ketheric Thorm. Pick the Strength or «unleash» options to free her.
  • Act 3: Upon reaching Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, avoid fighting Gortash immediately (you’ll just get trounced). Talk to Mizora afterward, and she’ll appear in your camp.

Love Scene: The Flavors of Hell

Mizora gives Wyll an ultimatum on what he should do to protect a loved one. Regardless of your decision, Mizora will stay in your camp. Don’t make her leave, and just talk to her after a couple of long rests. You might see an exclamation point, which means there’s an important conversation.

Mizora will tempt you with a proposition. You can always choose to decline. In fact, there are responses that cause your character to stop the whole scene altogether. But, if you want to see the Baldur’s Gate 3 Mizora romance in full, you’ll want to pick the appropriate responses:

  • When you talk to her in camp, choose: «Sounds delicious. What are you suggesting?»
  • Accept the offer and do a long rest. At night, your character will be held inside a demonic circle.
  • Choose: «Bask in the powerful sensations,» followed by: «I’m ready,» or «Sigh and brace yourself.»
  • You can pick either «Gorge on the river» or «Take a tentative sip.»

The next dialogue choices in the Baldur’s Gate 3 Mizora romance involve the different realms and lands of hell. Locations include Dis, Minauros, Phlegetos, and Stygia. That’s followed by Malbolge, Maladomini, Cania, and Nessus.

No, you won’t suddenly teleport to those lands. Instead, the locations are simply described to you, as though your character is filled with sensations, Slaanesh-style. The visual effects will also change somewhat (i.e. red flames or cold blue ice).

Lastly, Mizora will strip and approach you. You can pick: «Step into Mizora’s outstretched wings.» This will cause the two of you to float, your character wrapped snugly in the devil’s embrace.

The Morning After and Potential Romance Consequences

The next morning, Mizora talks to you about what happened. If you already have a lover, they’ll chide the devil-woman. For instance, Shadowheart said that Mizora was just an inferior choice, and your character knows how good they have it with her. In our case, Shadowheart also said that she’s jealous, and that you have your own needs (implying that the romance status is still active).

While we can’t confirm how it goes for other companions, we believe that spending the night with Mizora won’t end your relationship with your partner. Still, you might want to keep a backup save, just in case.

Note that Wyll disapproves of all these actions. While these didn’t cause him to leave our group, he did voice his displeasure. Moreover, a voiceover states that our character had the scent of the hells. However, we’ve yet to discover if there are long-term consequences.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled to the brim with activities and secrets. You’ll no doubt be part of an adventure that can take countless hours to complete. For other tips, you can visit our BG3 guides hub.

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