Where To Find Arabella’s Parents In The Shadow-Cursed Lands In Baldur’s Gate 3

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If you spared Arabella, the young and thieving tiefling girl, back at the Emerald Grove Environs in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll run into her again in a most unexpected place. You’ll then be sent on one of the game’s darkest and most mysterious quests.



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Grab your light, hold on to someone’s hand, and take a deep breath before you go diving into this quest. You’ll need it before you venture somewhere more disturbing than any crevice of the Underdark, the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

How To Begin Arabella’s Quest

Arabella can be found in the unexpected location of the gates outside the hidden Sharran Sanctuary area, in the crossroads between the Sanctuary, the House of Healing, and the Masons’ Guild (Coordinates: X: -153, Y: 24).

  • From the Sanctuary, you’ll want to head north and up the stairs. Arabella is in front of you.
  • From the House of Healing, travel to the east side of the building. Arabella is on your right.
  • From the Masons’ Guild, travel west past the Wooden Hatch and the elevator. Arabella is on your left.

Speak with her to learn about her new magic abilities and then ask about her parents. Agree to find her parents. You can send Arabella either to Last Light Inn or to your camp.

If you choose your camp, she’ll have a special dialogue and hang out with Withers. If you send her to Last Light Inn, she’ll stay with the tiefling bardess Alfira.

Where to Find Arabella’s Parents

Sister Lidwin Standing Between Arabella's Dead Parents In House of Healing

From the location where you found Arabella, travel to the House of Healing to the West.

Inside the House of Healing, go into the front section of the building with the bloodied gurneys. Enter the room on the East side where you can see a merchant’s icon on your minimap.

Sister Lidwin is inside this room and is an acting trader with whom you can sell and buy wares. However, in her company and on the beds are two familiar bodies: Arabella’s parents.

Player Speaks With Sister Lidwin As She Speaks Of Malus Thorm

Speak with Sister Lidwin. You have a choice of lying to her and agreeing that the parents are just sleeping or outright attacking her. You cannot otherwise persuade her that Komira and Locke are deceased.

If you kill Sister Lidwin, you will sacrifice a trader selling some of the strongest poisons in the game (including Purple Worm Poison).

It is recommended to use the Speak with Dead spell on Arabella’s father, Locke, for some interesting dialogue.

Cleric Tells Arabella Her Parents Are With The Gods

Return to wherever you sent to Arabella stay and speak with her. To continue this questline, you must tell her the truth that her parents are deceased. She won’t believe you and will run off.

You must complete at least one long rest and return later to catch her speaking with either Withers or Alfira. Enter their conversation to end the questline, rewarding you with a new, unique power, the Shadowblade Ring, and the potential of a new Arabella quest further down the line.

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