Broforce Forever Final Update Adds New Bros, More Freedoms, Fresh Patriotic Fervor on PS4

Broforce is an incredible 2D pixel shooter which released back in 2015. It was hilarious, wild as hell, and a love letter to classic action movies. It took the concept of Team America: World Police and made it into one of the most outrageous cooperative experiences before or since, tasking players with spreading democracy to the rest of the world with extreme prejudice.

Broforce Forever, then, is a free update some eight years later, which adds new Bros, more explosions, and additional freedoms wrapped in the stars and stripes. The campaign has expanded with new unlocks, along with four democracy-spreading challenge levels having been added, not to mention a raft of bug fixes. It seems like the best way to see all this new content is to fire up a fresh game, which sounds just fine to us.

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