Where To Find Dawnray In Palia

Dawnray are a little trickier to catch in Palia because they’re only available for three hours during dawn. Here’s where to go to catch one.

Dawnray are only available for three hours at the start of the day in Palia, between three am and six am. You’ll also need to be fishing in Bahari Bay rivers using no bait. They’re slightly uncommon, which means you might need to revisit the spot a couple of days in a row – it’s just important that you’re fishing at the right spot of water, so we’ve marked that on a map below.



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This guide covers the best river fishing spot in Bahari Bay, as well as how to maximize your chances of catching a Dawnray.

Where To Find Dawnray

Proudhorn Pass Fishing Location

Dawnray can be caught in Bahari Bay rivers which is any body of inland water in the area that isn’t a pond, lake, or ocean. We’ve marked our favorite fishing spot just north of Proudhorn Pass on the map above. We recommend using this spot for any Bahari Bay river fish that you need, and not to use the sea or the various ponds in the area, as these will provide different fish.

  • Dawnray are only available at dawn, which is between three am and six am
  • You can tell when the game is about to enter dawn by checking out the clock in the top right, marked below

Dawn Palia

  • When the clock enters this phase, Dawnray can be caught in the rivers
  • You don’t need any bait to catch Dawnray, so no Worms or Glow Worms required
  • A regular Dawnray sells for 47 gold and a starred version sells for 70 gold

Dawnrays are requested by various villagers as their weekly gift/loved gift.

It’s a good idea to position yourself ready to fish at 3am to maximize the time available for fishing that morning. You might need to visit on concurrent days to catch one, as they are an Uncommon fish and have a lower percentage spawnrate than other non-bait fish in Bahari Bay.

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