Where To Find Silvery Minnow In Palia

Silvery Minnow are a weekly/liked gift for villagers in Palia, here’s where to find the fish.

Silvery Minnow is required for some villager’s weekly and liked gifts in Palia, so here’s where to find this fish. You can catch the fish in Bahari Bay rivers without bait and at any time day. This makes it a relatively straightforward fish to catch without any rod requirements, you just need to head to the right spot.



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Below you’ll find a map of where to fish for Silvery Minnow in Bahari Bay, including our favorite spot to grab the various fish available in this area. We’ll also include some details about the fish and catching requirements.

Where To Find Silvery Minnow

Proudhorn Pass Fishing Location

Silvery Minnow are located in Bahari Bay rivers – that is, inland bodies of water in Bahari Bay that aren’t ponds or ocean. We’ve marked our favorite spot above – just north of Proudhorn Pass, along the river that runs into the sea.

  • You don’t need bait to catch Silvery Minnow, which means you can head to this area early and catch some (no Worms or Glow Worms required)
  • You can catch Silvery Minnow at any time of the day – no time requirements for the fish at all
  • A regular Silvery Minnow sells for 21 gold, whereas the starred version sells for 31 gold
    • It’s a good idea to hold on to a couple of these, though, as they are liked by Einar and some other villagers and can be used for liked gifts throughout the week

It’s important to note that Silvery Minnow can’t be caught in the ponds in Bahari Bay – if the water isn’t connected to anything else, you’ll be unable to fish for it. It’s a good idea to just head up to Proudhorn Pass and fish there.

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