Where To Find The Navigator’s Helm In Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 consistently amazes its audience with the surprising amount of hidden content included within the game. This discovery process is enhanced by the game’s randomized nature, leading each one to uncover unique findings that others may have missed in their game.



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Each world within the game presents numerous secret weapons and armor for you to find. A great illustration of this can be found in N’Erud, where the Navigator’s Helmet serves as a perfect example. The existence of this item wasn’t apparent until someone unexpectedly came across it.

Where To Find The Navigator’s Helm

First, you’ll want to head to N’Erud and progress until you make it to the second open area, Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon.

While you are there, you need to find an area called the Extraction Hub. Given the randomly generated nature of the game, It’s not certain whether it will spawn in your world.

The Extraction Hub will appear in the second open area if the Supply Event is not active, as these two cannot appear simultaneously.

You can easily spot the Extraction Hub during your exploration.

It stands out with three large pistons repeatedly pounding the ground and a continuous blaring alarm. That means If you can’t see it, then you’ll definitely hear it. Check the picture below for reference.

Extraction Hub in N'Erud Remnant 2

Here’s what you should do next: Look beneath each of the three pistons for a hole in the ground.

Once you locate it, wait for the piston to rise, then quickly crouch and jump down the hole.

Hole under one of the pistons in the Extraction hub Remnant 2

Upon descending, you need to locate one particular enemy known as the Navigator Zombie; your main target. He stands out from the rest of the enemies due to his larger health bar.

While there will be many enemies to deal with, taking them down should be relatively easy.

While you are here, keep an eye out for the Blasting Cap Ring and the Detonation Trigger Amulet

Navigator's Helm reward from the Navigator Zombie Remnant 2

If you successfully defeat the Navigator Zombie among these enemies, you’ll be rewarded with the Navigator’s Helm automatically.

The Navigator’s Helm Overview

Navigator's Helm overvienw in the menu Remnant 2

The Navigator’s Helm is a medium-weight helmet that provides moderate protection against physical attacks. It boosts your resistance to Shock and Toxin damage while slightly reducing your resistance to Bleed, Fire, and Blight effects.

This Navigator’s Helm is not a part of any armor set.

This Head Armor is versatile and can be paired with any build or Archetype in the game.

Below you’ll find the stats of the Navigator’s Helm:



Bleed Res

Fire Res

Shock Res

Blight Res

Toxin Res









However, there is another reason why everyone wants to obtain this helmet. You can use the Navigator Helm in the Navigation Room to obtain the Plasma Cutter Long Gun.

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