Diablo 4 Wins Back a Bit of Faith with Patch 1.1.1’s Positive Changes

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom surrounding Diablo 4 over the last couple of months, primarily because players have been critical of its post-campaign structure and Blizzard’s approach to patches. Classes were getting nerfed, and Season 1 seemed to be a bit of a bust due to convoluted character progression. Consequently, Diablo 4 recently saw a sharp decline in active players (at least on PC, where the release Baldur’s Gate 3 won’t have helped), and general interest in the game seems to have waned, with viewership on sites like Twitch dropping like a rock.

But we’d like to think that Blizzard is starting to move things in the right direction. The game’s latest update, patch 1.1.1, has gone down pretty well, with players praising its positive adjustments. Just to quickly recap, the update provides a series of welcome class buffs, as well as changes to how important post-game activities play out. It feels like the kind of patch that Diablo 4 was in dire need of, and now the hope is that the development team can keep the ball rolling.

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