Save Big On Atlas Fallen And Get A Free Steam Game Ahead Of Tomorrow's Release

There are some exciting games out this month, but only one of them offers sandy delight in a world ruled by tyrannical gods. Sure, sand is coarse and its gets everywhere, but at least you can share that aggravation in the new action-RPG Atlas Fallen, which just got a big discount at Fanatical ahead of its August 10 release. You can score a Steam key for only $41.50, down from $50.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get a free Steam game that has been rated «overwhelmingly positive» as part of Fanatical’s Summer Sale promotion. Spend $30 or more on the site, and a free game is all yours, so preordering Atlas Fallen nets you that freebie.

It’s also your last chance to get preorder bonuses for Atlas Fallen. All preorders come with the Ruin Rising Pack, which comes with a bunch of in-game goodies.

Set in a world where humanity really needs someone to stand up to the oppressive gods that have been ruling over them with the heaviest of fists for eons, Atlas Fallen casts you as the last great hope of the people. Thanks to a shape-shifting weapon that you stumble across, it’s not long before you can use powerful sand-infused weapons and abilities on anything that stands in your way.

Plenty of monsters stand in your way, but by defeating them and gathering their essence, you’re able to increase your power and customize how you want to save the world. There’s also an open-world to explore–the term sandbox is fittingly used here–unique skills to master, and co-op gameplay to take part in as you fight to forge a new world for humanity.

If Atlas Fallen doesn’t catch your eye, fret not as there are plenty of other Steam games available at a discounted price in Fanatical’s Summer Sale. Dead Island 2, Street Fighter 6, and plenty more are available, alongside hundreds of other great games.

Disclosure: GameSpot and Fanatical are both owned by Fandom.

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